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Foundation, and a $5 million pledge from two long time supporters of the High Line, Donald Pels and Wendy Keys. The arena's website cites a county ordinance, which Brush also mentioned, as behind the tailgating ban. Joan LaGuardia, a spokeswoman for Lee County, said there is no specific land development code dealing with tailgating, but the arena's original zoning resolution puts limits on outdoor alcohol consumption and the use of parking for events.. WE had a great cl camp last week thanks to Tom O'Mahony and his coaches for all the hard work in making this camp such a successful one. Thanks to Aoife Trant and Niamh Breen from the Kildare camogie team who trained the older players and to Tipperary hurler Noel McGrath for visiting us. The ulek mayang is another much treasured Malaysia's cultural heritageuphold in Terengganu. It is a centuries old pre Islamic religious trance dance accompanied by song and music. A terrorist group, Front de lib du Quebec, kidnapped a British diplomat. 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